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overall great gameplay, yet could use randomly spawning enemies, or the ability to go up/down to shoot down the blimps.

would also love if once these features are added, i could download the game for infinite gameplay!

Thanks GunShot :).  Appreciate the feedback.  There's definitely a skeleton of a game here that I'd love to revisit sometime to flesh out.  If and/or when that happens I'll try to remember to let you know.  Thanks again.


could use some better controls., overall fun concept


Thanks Tabbot. Yeah, it's very rough. I feel if I ever get the time to revisit something like this, it'll be much improved. Glad you got something out of it though.


Nice little game =) I think you need some sort of end-game debrief though so you can tell whether you just won or lost!


Thank you very much...and I agree...sorta ran low on time near the end, but it definitely needs some more user feedback.